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Cultural site protection

Goemulgaw Kod members examining rock art at Pulu

Goelmulgal (the people of Mabuyag) wish to continue to protect the cultural values and associated culturally significant sites of Pulu.   Potential threats to the cultural heritage of Pulu come from climate change (stronger weather events and sea level rise), bush fires, damage to sites by pest animals (pigs rubbing and damaging artifacts and rock art) and termite mounds damaging sites. 

Rangers (under the direction of Goemulgal Kod) undertake regular on-ground works to protect key cultural sites as a part of their IPA management work.   These works include;

  • Fencing to reducing impacts of feral animals on cultural sites
  • Weed spraying and brush cutting to reduce the possibility of high-impact fires damaging cultural sites
  • Low impact (cool) burning to reduce damage to cultural sites from high-intensity fires
  • Monitoring impacts of climate change and weather on cultural sites and site boundaries
  • Removing termite mounds on cultural sites

Rangers work collectively with the Goemulgaw Kod to minimise impacts to these sites.