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The rugged granite landscapes of Pulu support over 198 species of plants, many of which have been used for generations by Goelmulgaw for traditional usage including medicine, cultural uses, building material and spiritual activities.   These plants represent 15% of the known flora of the Torres Strait region.

Two of these plant species have been assigned state significance (listed on the Nature Conservation Act, 1992).  An additional seven species are considered significant within the Torres Strait as they are either found only within the region or state, have a restricted distributions or are at the limits of their geographical range. 

Scroll through the slideshow below to view some of the culturally important plants of Pulu.

Kurkuwam - Cotton tree
Zarza - Sandpaper fig
Kukuwam - Cotton tree
Gruat - Sea Purslane
Kowsar - Pandanus spiralis
Calophyllum - Alligator bark
Mangrove - Brugieria species
Urakar - Cottonwood
Saurr - Native Yam