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Goelmulgaw Kod (Pulu IPA Management Committee)

Role and Structure of Goemulgaw Kod

Goemulgaw Kod is the management body for the Pulu Indigenous Protected Area (IPA).   the Kod is made of up elders from Mabuyag Island who administer and advise on the activities taking place within the IPA. 

The Kod receive support in the management of the Pulu IPA from the Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers employed by the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA).  Rangers undertake conservation and management activities including cultural site maintenance, visitation management, invasive species removal, research (in collaboration with scientists and archaeologists), marine debris removal and knowledge-sharing around the cultural and natural values of Pulu. 

The Kod meet regularly with the Mabiygiw Rangers to advise and direct work plans for the Pulu Indigenous Protected Area, in additional to guiding the long-term management directions for the IPA.